Still Alive! (09.12.18)
Sorry for the long gap in postings. There’re just not enough hours in a day. The band’s been going through some big line up changes: After releasing two CDs without a drummer, we’ve decided it’s time. Melanie, a gal who we’ve all known for many years, an excellent drummer, and we’re having a great time working out the arrangements with her. We hope to play live with her soon. Unfortunately, Nico, one of the founding members of the band has departed the project. Cesar, who has played piano on some tracks on both CDs is working with the band on a more regular basis. Olli is still banging away on his bass. We’re currently recording our 3rd CD and thinking some live gigs.
FYI: Both 13 Tales of Crime and Weirdo Love are now available on all major streaming services: Spotify, Deezer etc ...