Secondly: Straßenkreuzer has asked us to donate a track for the annual CD, we’ll also be performing in the CD release party at the Muz Club (get info here).

We just did our annual summer show at the Zentral Cafe, K4. Denise Nix, from Minneapolis made a special apperance and sang some backing vocals on the last part of the set. It was a blistering hot night, but everyone had a good time.

Got a gig coming up next weekend, get the address from our Shows' page.

Still rapping up the work on our second CD, 13 Tales of Crime.

Just because I've neglected updating the site doesn't mean we've been idle. After writing all songs for the upcoming 2nd CD, “Tales of Crime”, we did a few gigs in December.

We would like to welcome Oliver Holzner (bass), who is accompanying us on the new CD. We are now working hard to get all tracks recorded, and planning some shows for the first half of 2016. You'll find a few of the fixed dates on our 'Shows' page.

We'll be releasing a few samples from our 2nd CD soon.

Old News:

Lots of news, lots happening. We just finished mastering our first CD, Weirdo Love, we're really happy to have it done and we think it's a solid set of songs to put out – we hope you'll think so too.

A big thanks to Sandra for the backing vocals and feedback, and Cesar for doing some piano and a little organ on a couple tracks. (Cesar plans on making an appearance at our next gig – see below).

Many thanks to Joe Raimond of Musical Tragedies (the last indie label in the area) for taking our new CD in.

Big gig coming up, just in time for the CD release:
“Night of the Living Bands” at the Zentralcafe K4 Nürnberg. Five good bands rockin' the house all night:
Nine Daise Wonder
Sloe Gin
Mrs Flow & Mr Go
Xanthan Gum
on Friday, May 29th. We hope you can make it.